"...deliciously wicked, Alison Burns as Velma."  - Andrew Meacham - Tampa Bay Times



"And no one in this super-talented sextet is funnier than Alison Burns, who brilliantly embodies a straight-jacketed Belle (“Insane”), a slightly regretful Ariel (“Two Legs”), and a Germanic Rapunzel who would fit right into a remake of “The Night Porter” (“Not V One Red Cent.”)." -Brian Scott Lipton -

"Alison Burns moves deftly from Belle to Mermaid to Rapunzel" - Ron Cohen - Music Theatre


FULL the Musical - World Premier

"In the under-written role of Harper's mother, Alison Burns makes the most of it and shines onstage. She sings beautifully, and we sense her caring for her daughter." --Peter Nason - Broadway World



"I’ve seen a lot of Christmas shows over the years, but I’ve seldom seen one more charming and endearing than A Holiday Party Of One, currently playing at Stageworks... Burns’ script... it works: it feels real" --Mark Leib - The Daily Loaf



"The ever-dependable Alison Burns is characteristically first-rate as Janet..." --Mark Leib - The Daily Loaf



"Burns has some amazing moments in The Blue Room, notably as the married woman, the wife of a politician, in both her anxious, avid fling with a callow student lover and then a night at home with her husband. With her sharp features, blonde shag haircut, the tattoo on her left ankle and wide-eyed, knowing expression, she is deliciously watchable as a spoiled beauty, idly flipping the pages of a book as she half listens to her clueless husband's prattle. She's a former bright young thing getting up in years, and more than a little jaded with the world, but all the sexier for her discontent." --John Fleming - St. Pete Times


"Some of the best singing is in ensemble numbers such as I'm Only Thinking of Him by Antonia (Alison Burns)." --John Fleming - St. Pete Times


RENT (2011)
"Alison Burns is a standout in American Stage in the Park's production of Rent... Alison Burns’ spectacular work as Maureen... Many of the performances can be enjoyed unrestrainedly. I want to start with Alison Burns, not because her role as Maureen
is most important, but because her performance and singing are so effervescent, they potently remind you of what a crucial difference a prodigious talent can make." -Mark Leib - The Daily Loaf


"Burns, as usual, lit up the stage with her expressive face and comedic timing." -Kathy L. Greenberg - The Tampa Tribune


"Burns is a riot as the maid. She's spared the convoluted dialogue and, with the occasional snappy comment, delivers most of her delightful performance through a series of mobile facial expressions and sharp, obligatory curtsies." 
-Kathy L. Greenberg - The Tampa Tribune


RENT (2002)
"Alison Burns as Maureen Johnson blew the crowd away with her strong vocal talent and exuberant personality. Her sassiness suited her character, and her signature monologue, “Over the Moon,” got the whole crowd mooing. Her contagious energy rivaled only her stylish character, prancing around in her black leather cat-suit, mooing a protest with a bright yellow star sown to the crotch of her jeans and of course, the signature mooning during “La Vie Boheme.” Burns was a trip, and the audience could not help but love her."
The Badger Herald - Madison, WI